Monday, 15 August 2011

Another Serving of Breakfast

Mourning Dove was the first to the table.

Then pigeon joined in.

A young female cardinal made a dainty landing.

She was back and forth all morning.
I'm wondering if she has youngsters in a nest across the stream.
Even rowdy blue jay youngsters would not deter her from picking yet another seed and flying back to who knows where. 

Even a very young fluffed up cardinal was bold enough to land
at the breakfast table.

Meanwhile a few feet away, Mrs. humming bird
sipped nectar at her own table.

Apologies for being fixated on birds at the moment!
I think it's because there are so many noisy young ones about.
Or perhaps I am trying to attain a simpler state
as in this Doug Coupland quote

"Birds are a miracle because they prove to us there is a finer, simpler state of being which we may strive to attain."


  1. Doug is so right!
    Penny...looking at nature being in nature...the power of now! (I see in your bookshelf)
    I'm still so happy meeting you (it was via Jude wasn't it?)
    Enjoying your art and vision.


  2. Lovely birds!! Jeaaaah. Jays! (shed a feather for Penny please ...)
    A hummingbird ???? I didn't know you had them over there, thought more tropical!?!
    (daughter has one permanently on her shoulder ;-) !)

  3. I'm fixated on birds, too, always.... however, in summer, I'm not able to feed them because there are more bears in the neighborhood than people, and they are always the first to the feeders. So, after November, the feeders come out again. Summer, however, is full of quick sightings of all the warblers and special summer birds who wouldn't come to the feeders anyway.

  4. Never apologize for loving and enjoying the local birds -- they sing and fly for we 'down-to-earth' people!

  5. All these things you enjoy provide ideas and inspiration for later...

  6. Yvette..yes I think I wandered over to you from Jude's and loved your blog and writings from then on.

    Els...the humming birds come here for the summer. Can you believe those tiny little things fly from here and across the Caribbean to winter in South America.

    Valerianna...Oh, my, yes, you don't want to encourage those bears especially when you are outnumbered!

    Penny...and they never fail to brighten the day of this flat footed earthling!

    Rachel...Yes, that's why I record them here to help me remember what inspires me.

  7. We have 'inherited' a whole flock of Canada geese and mallard ducks with our move, along with some very vocal seagulls. It's so nice to be awakened in the morning to geese honking and the quacking of ducks - I love it!

  8. really, you get to see all of these in your yard? how wonderful.

  9. I'm with handstories - how lovely to be able to watch these pretty birds in your garden.

  10. I love seeing your birds...

  11. I love your birds, I love my birds, I do miss the cardinals here in N. CA.

  12. I love your birds. The blue jays are different than what we have here. Your's are beautiful. There is nothing finer than watching nature in action. I can tell the season changing by who drops in to our B & B (birdseed & bath).


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