Monday, 12 November 2018

Stitched in the Faded Greens of Fall

I returned to a piece once thought finished

Adding more stitches

Layering Textures.

Walking past feathery elephant grass
I realized how the greens around the marshlands
matched the greens I had been stitching that day.

 Walking around water's edge I noticed
Canada Geese still up here way past their fly south date.

 As I passed by
some ducks scooted away so fast they left a trail behind.

and some just drifted away.

Some carried on eating with bums in the air!

Surprisingly some just snoozed the afternoon away
resting before a long flight south.

After the wind and rain we have had this week
I wish I could hitch a ride with them!


  1. I don't stitch but I have been following you for quite a while. I love your posts. A pause in life's rat race, a moment to touch base with myself.
    Thank you!


  2. Oh, thank you ... I am looking at blank spaces in a spontaneously stitched piece and here I found an answer. Your stitching is such an inspiration!

  3. Faded colours and shouting "dead leaf" colours are both appealing in their own ways..

  4. Your layered textures are gorgeously organic. (How's that for
    descriptive wording? But I think that's accurate.)
    I can see all your beautiful surroundings come out in your work.
    Yes, thanks for sharing.

  5. I could just look & look at this piece, so many areas of stitch to take in, I feel that I am looking at a map of your walks.

  6. Hello Judy,your work is so inspiring! Even looking at the water, I can see the marks becoming possibles stitches. Nature gives us all her beauty as a magnificent gift! Thank you for sharing your work and thoughts!

  7. Beautiful stitching Penny and always lovely to go on a walk with you. xx

  8. I'm with you in wanting to hitch a ride south with the birds. Cold here the past couple of days and windy too. Supposed to be in for a storm of some nature tomorrow. I'm done with winter!!


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