Wednesday, 7 November 2018


Lately I have been walking up to the red barn

To look down at the new duck pond
slowly filling with water.

To look at the beauty of naked trees against the sky.

To find grey leaves still clinging to 
high bush blueberries.

 To wonder at the red abundance of nature's harvest this year.

And to fall in love
as I do every year
with the beautiful colours Maples bring us every Fall.

Perhaps this colour-filled time of year
is what drove me to make colourful marks.
Didn't last long

Back to my usual neutrals

Back to stones


Winter is coming

Snow squalls will be back soon.

Can't believe it's November already.


  1. It does feel a little as though I've blinked and missed the year, I must admit. Maybe your neutrals will help us both slow down!

  2. I drove to Sudbury today and it was a misty grey day, but the colours along the way were exceptionally beautiful i think. Nice to see your paintings - I think that there are lots of good fresh ideas in them that you can translate to stitch perhaps. xo

  3. Thanks for your inspiration as always gives me thoughts. Who knows where the time goes?

  4. Under the cold wet white sleeps spring. Thank
    you for reminding me.

  5. Lovely photographs - and paintings. xx

  6. I love working with neutrals with a touch of gold. Comforting and very organic feeling.

  7. Lovely creative and inspiraing post Penny! The photos are lovely. I love the idea of a duck pond! Love the paintings too. I’m painting a LOT now, watercolour, having retired officially from Fibre Art. Too hard on my poor hands. Take care !

  8. You have such interesting places to walk and I enjoy seeing your discoveries along the way. Had to drive about an hour to a medical appointment today and it was snowing all the way there and back. Not fun to drive in, especially when it's the first real snow of the year. Fortunately most everybody slowed down.


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