Monday, 11 September 2017

Shaped Through the Ages

A sone that fits neatly in my hand
a speckled lozenge

A tiny smooth apostrophe
Love the colour of this one
but I must have marked it with stitch at night
because only now I have noticed the brown speckles.
I had stitched in my outline of brown dots just to add a bit of interest.
I find the lighting changes in every room of the house
and the marks or shapes I see change in every type of light.

 A beautifully simple nearly perfect circle.

A slice of pie
Pumpkin pie perhaps

As I stitched my marks I realized
this shape was house shaped
Though I see the actual stone has a flatter roof
How the heck did I trace around that one?!
Must have changed the angle of the pencil
as I drew around it
or perhaps moved the stone in the process.
It is often hard to keep the stone still
because many are lumpy bumpy!

A melting snowball shape.
Funny what comes to mind.

My heart goes out to those in the Caribbean and Florida
who have been devastated by Hurricane Irma.
What a monster of a storm.


  1. I am intrigued by the embroidery that your rocks are placed on -just glimpsed in background. Have you shown this work on the blog before? xo

  2. You might very well find exploring one stone in different lights would be interesting as well...

  3. I am always impressed by how many stones you find and how different they are! I always feel so fortunate to live somewhere with no extremes of weather. xx

  4. I think I must be craving chocolate because most of these made me think of it!

  5. love the little house stone best of all. And that makes me think of the people that have lost their homes in the recent hurricanes in your country. Such a frightening event, it would take forever to recover & have one's life back to normal.


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