Monday, 3 April 2017

Memory Lane

The importance of memory in art.
Perhaps the first art was created
through a society's need to remember events
of their time
or to help their descendants learn about
what went before them.

Perhaps it was from a society's need
to honour individuals or events.

Lest we forget

Our collective memory
Our collective conscience

Art surely keeps alive
the beliefs and accomplishments
and memories
of a society.

The memory of the senses.
The smell of salt air
The rhythmic sound of ocean waves
brought me back to live by the sea.
My work has changed
since coming here.
Did coming back to the sea
stir up unconscious of memories
that I need to put down in thread and cloth?

I know that as I get old I have a need
not only to recall memories
but also to create new ones.

Perhaps memory is not just looking backwards into the past.

I seem to have chopped off the first pebble of the week.
Woopsy daisy
 I might have obliterated a memory!

I hope you have a week of creating wonderful new memories.


  1. Yes Penny I have, just a bit on my blog, making a memory vessel with 11 other women was an interesting experience, so many different memories, many not terribly nice. I have to say all mine were nice.

  2. This post and the last one about this pebble project of yours combine the sensitive work of your hands and the gentle intelligence of your mind.
    I salute you dear friend for thinking up this project which just might be the best thing you have done so far in your career. I LOVE IT. xoxo

  3. I can see an art installation in a gallery evolving here....not only from the stitching viewpoint, but from the collection of the pebbles, as well as your words. Perhaps?

  4. I dearly love this post. At my 'advanced' age I tell all my children, grandchildren, etc. that one day they find themselves recalling something from long ago -- a beautiful memory or the memory of someone who is now gone. Making wonderful memories for yourself is truly a gift.

  5. today is the birthday of my oldest granddaughter....she is now 12. lots of memories there, of course. in house i am surrounded by cloths and pictures of other memories. some are even those imagined memories...places i wish i could have seen.

    once again i am surprised at the variety of rock you find, and like we find here. sigh....

  6. Making memories indeed! It's interesting, isn't it, that some pieces we've finished recall the period we worked on them, and others don't!

  7. still jet lagged but so happy to have come over here so early to find more stones. i love this work, it's rich. it reaches me on a very different level than either stitch or stone individually. are you liking it as much as i am?

  8. I know that the first cave art tells stories about life at that time in history. At least that's what I learned in my art history classes in college. Your stitched pieces seem to tell a story in a time when precious stones were appearing for you and your story.

  9. thoughtful words & as always beauty in your stitches.


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