Sunday, 10 April 2016

What a difference a Day Makes

Saturday morning the Rusty Pups and I
Took our first walk on the dyke....first this year....and it is already April.
Despite the fact that it was very grey
we were very excited....we thought Spring must surely have sprung.

The grasses were weather worn and flattened
but still beautiful.

I was a bit slow
luckily the RP's were happy to wait patiently

We three thought it would be the beginning
of our daily walks....our meditation.
A time to check on low tides and high tides
A time to catch up with bird and critter activity on the Basin.

But when Sunday came along

 Things looked a bit bleak again.
Two steps forward
One step back.
We will get there.


  1. We're doing the step dance here too. Jack put the little electric BBQ out on the balcony tonight - and BBQ'd in the snow flurries. Will it never end? Be sure to give special skritches to the RP's from me!

  2. At the other end of the planet in Brisbane Australia, our problem is the reverse. Nearly mid-April and nights where you can't sleep, due to 80% humidity and temperatures of around 22 deg C (70deg F). So looking forward to autumn and winter.

  3. Spring will come! But it does make one wonder what is going on with the climate, when everyone is saying that the seasons seem to be so crazy.

  4. The weather has been a bit variable, but I must admit we haven't quite had snow - just sleet!
    It's just as well that the RPs are such a wonderfully distinctive colour...

  5. same here, spring is reluctant this year.


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