Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Playing Around With Leaves

Diane and I died this huge sheet.
We laid it in my stream for days
Just loose
absorbing tannin

Then we bundled it with leaves

Steamed it

Some leaves left just speckled outlines
Like tiny running stitches

We aren't the only ones who like scratching around in leaves.

Twenty fibre artists met at Gaspereau Valley Fibres last Friday...

....as this rooster and his hens scratched around outside.
This beauties irregular speckles really caught my eye.


  1. It is an intriguing technique, and yes, very reminiscent of certain other speckly things!

  2. Love these beauties (yes the chickens too). Great results using the bundled techniques.

  3. Is the result permanent? Great photos, thanks for sharing.

  4. That piece of fabric looks amazing - I hope you show us what you use it for. xx

  5. Interesting way to dye fabric - never would have thought of that. Love those chickens - there's some inspiration in those black & white feathers.


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