Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Shoreline Shapes

Many mornings
I trot (slight exaggeration!) along behind the RP's
mind wandering
and then all of a sudden
something snaps me back to the present.
Today it was this shape at water's edge....

....and right next to that another one.
Eroded marks
Tidal shapes
Think I need to work out how I would stitch these.

Then the black ducks appeared
and reminded me of how my mother
tried in vain to keep the family together as we walked.
She always complained that we looked like a line of ducks.

They made a right turn
and headed straight for us
but it was the ripples in the water
I had to record for stitching's sake.


  1. I think there is always inspiration around us if we stop to look. As always I'll be waiting to see how you capture todays' moments in stitch.

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