Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Scratching the End of October

The days are getting shorter

The week started with a day at Diane's
asking a lot of  "what if" questions
as we explored with rusty water,
black walnut and oak leaf dye pots.

Not many leaves are left on the trees.

On Thursday four of us from the Artist Way Cooperative
drove to the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia in Yarmouth
and hung our show. pumpkins...the RP's seventh birthday.

And so starts the month of Remembrance
and we turned the clocks back.
Sunday was a day of computer work
my least favourite work
therefore my least favourite stitch!
Well it started off as chain stitch and morphed into something else.


  1. Oh, I do sympathise about the computer!

  2. Do love how you record the days in stitches!

  3. That last stitch looks like days that I have had *smile*.

  4. The happiest of birthdays to the Rusty Pups! Special skritches being sent from me (a little belated I know, but I don't thing they'll care!).


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