Thursday, 13 November 2014


Sometimes you have to look at edges
through autumnal leaves.

Sometimes driftwood forms a scraggy edge
beneath a scalloped salt marsh edge.

Sometimes other things become the centre of attention

That lone red leaf looked so beautiful
against that angry sullen sky.
Not really an edge
but irresistible to me.

We have lots of rocky edges
here in the Maritimes.

I have always loved the edge
where the trees meet the sky.

Sometimes there is one edge
below another edge.

And sometimes the true edge is
camouflaged by reflections
which of course
create another edge
near which
a pair of mallards have been cruising
since I got back after Thanksgiving.

And here are a couple of my paintings....

....about the edge of the Bay of Fundy.

So many edges...
The edge of time
The edge of space
The edge of reason
Living on the edge
The edge of tomorrow


  1. Things at edges are not only interesting to the artistic eye, now - even archaeologists are becoming interested in the "liminal" as they put it!

  2. Focusing on 'the edge' is a interesting thought. How many situations in our lives are lived 'on the edge'. The edge is the spot where you can look backwards and forward. A very interesting place to be.

  3. You live in such a lovely part of the world. Interesting shapes in your paintings.


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