Monday, 14 July 2014

The Week of Arthur

A week I thought would become a week of critters and birds
but Arthur changed all that.

Every three months I start a new scroll of fabric
so Canada day always means a new beginning.

The loons were surprisingly vocal
on our Tuesday morning walk
and then we spied an eagle overhead.
There must have been babes
perhaps riding on mother loon's back.

On Wednesday the RP's chased a raccoon up a tree.
Raccoon then tried to make like a tree
hoping we would go.

At low tide we get to watch shoreline birds looking for breakfast.
Today we spied a seagull with the biggest
wriggling shrimp.
Quite a feast. 

On Friday we were told to expect Thunderstorms
but none came.
Of course we started to think that
perhaps Hurricane Arthur might not be so bad.

We were wrong!
Saturday was our anniversary...
...we had plans.
But Arthur swept in
cut off electricity over a huge area
We lost a big healthy tree
and I did something to my back.
Oh, yes and we had a bag of potato chips for our
anniversary meal!

Still no power.
I walked the dike
and was tickled pink to see a tiny green tomato
sitting there on top of the dike.
So green tomatoes do travel!

I will post last week's scratchings tomorrow.


  1. I thought you were being pretty quiet up in your woodland home. I'm so very sorry to hear of all the disruption -- especially your back. Hope you are feeling much better and obviously your electricity is back on. Welcome home!

  2. I love your stitched diaries so much. Happy anniversary! and I wish you a speedy recovery with your back.

  3. All going nice and quietly, and then you have an adventure like Arthur!

  4. Delight, pure delight reading your stitches. My best wishes for a belated anniversary celebration and quick back recovery ... ice in drinks and ice placed on ones back helpful!

  5. So sorry, Penny, that Arthur was such a bastard ... Mother Nature sure isn't playing fair these days !
    Happy Anniversary and I hope a nice celebratory dinner is in the works soon.

  6. Happy belated anniversary - definitely one you will remember I expect! Glad the damage wasn't worse and sending healing thoughts for your back.


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