Monday, 5 May 2014

Scratching Mud


We walked the dike for the first time in ages
on a cold and windy morning.

So surprised
looking out the window to see
the two black ducks
about five hares
and four pheasants
all in close proximity to each other.

Rusty Pups chased something across the marshlands
and came back black from the waist down.

I was not a happy camper

They were as happy as pigs in mud!

 Woke up Friday to see a big skunk waddling
through the garden.
Lucky for me he scurried back into the woods
when I knocked on the window.
Later in the day went to the opening
of our renovated Annapolis Region Community Art Centre.
Instant Theatre was the entertainment that evening
at Velma's lovely home overlooking the Bay of Fundy.
Saturday I took down my show at ARCAC.
Sunday I laid low
It's been a busy week...
Walking dogs and washing dogs
in between everything else.


  1. They are still handsome though...even if they are covered in mud!!

    I'm envious....

    x C

  2. Oh my - what did you do? Get the hose out and spray them or stand them in a bucket of soap and water and scrub or both? Poor you - lucky them *smile*

  3. What joy! I love the stitched pups black legs denoting MUD.

  4. I'm sure the RPs enjoyed all the attention!


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