Wednesday, 19 March 2014

My Constant Companions

Rusty Pups are always underfoot

RP Shandy always has a frozen tennis ball close by at this time of year

Occasionally RP Kayla steals said tennis ball

and then invites her sister to rumble

when chases ensue.

Sometimes we decide to sit down and look beautiful

and then one might spy some movement in the woods

Time to go inside for a cookie.


  1. What gorgeous girls you have there- and no doubt endlessly entertaining!

  2. Lovely photos and commentary. They are beautiful dogs.

  3. Such lovely companions, friends with which to share each day.

  4. Dogs do become such a big part of the seeing your photos of your dogs. As I type this comment, my 8 month old rusty coloured Cocker Spaniel is laying at my feet and snoring his head off!

  5. How I wish I had a rusty pup of my own!! Please give them each some special skritches from me.


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