Monday, 13 January 2014

A Week of Snow, Wind and Rain

 Winds have been ferocious
Swirling snow 
then whipping waves
in rain filled puddles

My car won't start
It hasn't worked since New Year's Day!

The chickadees
are constant nibblers
of our delectable sunflower seeds!
on Friday yoga classes started
we went to see Tom Hanks in Captain Phillips

Keeping warm.


  1. A worrying week about the car, but it did allow you to focus on the birdies. This section is just wonderful, but then again, that's what I think about your work in general, my friend!

  2. Oh your poor car -- hope she(he) can be fixed up proper soon! Meanwhile you have the chickadees to keep you company and beautiful, sweet company they are.

  3. delightful stitched storytelling :))) hope your car makes it through ok

  4. I hope the car is well again soon! This is no weather to have no choice in your form of transport!

  5. Wonderful storytelling ... love the stitches!

  6. love your daily stitches, a beautiful way to record the year. good luck with the car.


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