Thursday, 21 November 2013

Yesterday was Arrivals today is Departures

Skimming the treetops at break of dawn
heading towards Europe.
Handy Hubby will be doing the same thing later tonight.

 Meanwhile us four will stay close to home

Sometimes looking over our shoulders

Working out our place in this world

feeling comfortable in our individual skins.


  1. After being married for almost 52 years its always strange when I am left alone in the house -- like my life is on pause temporarily. I do fill it with 'me' time though and that's like a gift to myself.

  2. What beautiful birds visit your garden.
    I also find it strange to be alone when the other half is away but its also a sort of freedom, definitely 'me' time.

  3. Beautiful birds. Cherish your time together and apart. :o)

  4. Being someone who enjoys creating gives you plenty to focus on when the house is empty - and it's so much easier to concentrate!


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