Monday, 9 September 2013

Scratching Grey

A grey and rainy week

The puddles are growing in the garden

The sky is like a grey cloud ceiling

When will there be a break in those clouds?

The rain doesn't stop migrating birds
They arrive in the garden every morning.
Some stick to the tree tops feeding on fir cones 
and others bounce around the garden feeding on worms.

On Friday the sun came out.
Not a day to stay indoors
so we marked fabric in the sun.
If you have been dropping by for the last couple of years
you know that if time is short
there is nothing I like more than taking ordinary stitches
and messing with them!


  1. You've captured those grey days in a beautiful way. Perfect!

  2. When I first glimpsed at the first photo, I saw it as a dress!

  3. Your stitching/journaling is always a source of inspiration for me, and I love seeing the creative ways you use ordinary stitches. Thank you for sharing your creativity!!

  4. It may have been a grey and rainy week, but you have found beauty in it, all the same.

  5. Grey is beautiful too - although we tend to get tired of it clouding our days for too long. You always do such a great job of embroidering birds!


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