Monday, 19 August 2013

A basket full of Scratchings

A basket full of this year's scratchings.

A busy day of merlin activity
one even tried to grab a Rusty Pup's discarded stick!

We walked stony Hampton beach
Actually less of a walk
more like a balancing act.

Diane and I trekked up the stream to retrieve our wrapped rocks

A sunny day working in the garden putting marks on fabric
another day trying to do cretin stitch without looking.
Two of my favourite things to do.

It is "Paint the Town" weekend in Annapolis Royal.
There are artists and their easels scattered all over the place.
At Fort Anne a cricket match is under way.
You would think we were back in jolly old England!


  1. That merlin is wonderful - a very fine fellow!

  2. In the first photo, your scratchings look like some kind of wonderful hieroglyphs, which I suppose they are in a way!

    1. My thoughts exactly. That's why I call them 'scratching s'.

  3. Such a wonderful idea - these scratchings. You will be able to look back at each year through the eyes of your handwork.

    1. Yes, I already enjoy doing that and feeling the cloth run between my fingers.

  4. Interesting concept to stitch without looking. Besides the obvious danger to life and limb from sharp objects, I think the whole premise is pretty cool!

  5. Very cool indeed. I was introduced to blind stitching by Dorothy Caldwell whose work I love.

  6. Always love to see these scratchings! How wide are the strips?


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