Monday, 1 April 2013

The End of March Scratched

Daily scratchings accompanied the RP's and me deep
into the tangled woods

Monday was a day of designing
trees and moons

Followed by two days of making marks

Eagles soared overhead
probably rejoicing on a sunshiny day

The garden at midnight
lit up by a big bright moon
and woods danced in celebration

My mother's hexagons
She used to stitch these on long car trips.
When she died five years ago now
I stuffed my suitcase full of her UFO's and fabric scraps.
I love those old silks and cottons from the
fifties and sixties
full of so many memories.
of course
Happy Easter.


  1. i too have a thing for trees, and now i want to make one with your scratched ideas!! [alas i am knee deep in grandgirl skirt makin's this week, so this idea will have to wait]

  2. Penny, I am so in awe of the time you put into Scratching & the fabulous results. Could you please give me a e-address where I can contact you directly. Thanks for sharing, your blog is a beautiful way to start a day!

  3. I especially love moons and trees and the so simple eagles, wonderful. Great to have a stash of your Mom's bits.

  4. Your scratchings have been adventuring almost as much as you!


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