Monday, 11 February 2013


Haven't been on my walk at sunrise all week
not getting enough exercise!

There was a time I used to teach a lot of fabric manipulation.
With nothing but snow and more snow to scratch about
my mind is wandering!

Thank goodness for Tuesday
Four of us gathered and made marks
then our handy hubby's joined us
and we sipped wine
and munched on black beans and salad.
A lovely, lovely day.

I wonder if the squirrels have been raising families in the snow this winter
there are SO many of them stealing from the bird feeders!

Strange that I decided to stitch a cruciform design.
Late that evening
Handy Hubby got sad news of a lifelong friend's passing.

On Saturday we huddled by the fire with no electricity
as the wind howled
blowing snow around the house.
Sunday was calmer revealing beautiful windswept snow piles.


  1. You have some pretty hair-raising weather...

  2. Love your snow scratching with the manipulation of the fabric. Perfect! You're due some sunshine - here's to an early spring for you!

  3. That manipulated section is just divine!

    1. Oh, yes, manipulation was once my passion!

  4. Hola, acabo de conocerte por casualidad. Me gusta mucho tu blog, me encantan esos bordados tan alegres y variados.


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