Monday, 29 October 2012

Scratching Life

Week number 42 I think

The cardinals are back at the bird feeder

Exploring stitch
an autumn day trip in the car

On Thursday Diane and I
played in our sketchbooks
and watched an eagle overhead

On Friday

the RP's and I walked

through an all embracing fog

One of the pleasures of daily scratching this year
has been just exploring stitch.
And so this brings us to October 28th.
Halloween is nearly here
and we wait to see what super storm Sandy will bring this week.


  1. Using lace for the mist is such a great idea!

  2. Great scratchings as usual... here, wind is picking up.... it meant a weekend of getting ready. Now, sit and wait and hope the electricty stays on.

  3. gotta love those cardinals...stay safe, you and family.

    1. At the moment we think we'll just be on the edge of it but AM up in Toronto might get blown away!

  4. Lace Fog...but of course! Brilliant :)
    If we should ever meet, I will quietly ask, "May I see the scratchings?" But, I will also mean...may my fingertips dance gently along your days, so that I may absorb the quality of your life in all of its beauty. So that I may embrace the wildlife...and the Rusty Pups...and the family times...and the deep & meaningful friendships...and the delights, power and energy of the natural world around you. So that I may feel the variety of textures and see the colors of the threads in the light of your home. And so that I may then forever hold in my heart the value of a life well-lived.
    Thank you for the consistent sharing of yourself and your work. It has enriched my life immensely.


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