Friday, 27 July 2012

Half Way Through

I'm really not here
Away for a couple of days
Away from computers
Playing with thready friends

Down on the dike
the dairy farmer has cut the long willowy grasses
preparing for winter feeding

When the bales appear
I always feel summer is half way over
and that makes me sad
but also reminds me to live every moment

geese know it too
and are gently preparing their young for the long trek South


  1. Have fun playing with your friends. I know we will see something of them in your weekly stitching.

    Its hard to think of summer as half over here where the weather has been steadily in the 90+ range. But I'll take it! I'd rather pay the electric bill for fans and AC than heat.
    Have a great weekend, as I will.
    xx, Carol

  2. I'm glad you're out stitching with friends. Thanks for the images while you're gone - I love to see hay rolled/bailed ready for shipping. I'm not a fan of summer so sadly I'm counting the days until fall!

  3. I love your blog.......... have a good time with your friends!!


  4. Somehow the round bales always catch my eye and imagination! Enjoy your time :)


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