Friday, 15 June 2012

Brand New and Really Old Linear things

A brand new piece of equipment appeared in the quarry
Not a speck of rust

This on the other hand is a very old
very rusty 
decommissioned railway bridge.

Anyone for climbing up there and
getting those rusty XX's 
onto fabric?

Back down closer to the ground
there is design potential
 amidst all those 

Ah,but there is rusting potential
 in those bolts

But not as impressive as this rusty beauty!


  1. i'll give you a boost to get the X's on silk :)

  2. The treatment quarry equipment gets, it will be rusty pretty soon - although it will be a while before it comes close to your last photo, I agree!

  3. A haunting and beautiful place well captured by your photos, Penny. Reminds me of a story of her childhood my mother tells about Red Bridge, a dangerous and forbidden place she was warned not to ride her bike to... and of course, did! -sus

  4. Oh, I love old bridges and this one is a beauty. The textures are wonderful.

  5. How inspiring. We have this sort of thing around here, too. I never have the nerve to climb up to them. But, I am thinking it might be worth it. :)
    I am playing catch-up in reading your blog. As usual everything is beautiful.
    xoxo Bobbie

  6. I'm afraid of heights or I'd be up there! Perhaps the rigging of some sort of catapult would be do-able? Not to catapult YOU of course....fabric!

  7. Awesome, Penny! Just spent three weeks confusing my friends in the UK by photographing similar things. It is good to keep them guessing, don't you think:-)


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