Sunday, 5 February 2012

We Walked the Rocky Shore

We drove over the mountain to the Fundy shore.
A great place to come when it's too hot in the valley.

A wee bit cold on a sunny mid winter's day
and a wee bit treacherous for the trail was mostly ice.
Donna wore two coats and pretty much two of everything else
but rusty pups ......
they need no extra padding.....
they just take things as they come.

Where solid rock meets rhythmic waves
always fills me with awe.

Mark wore the best hat for the occasion.

and snapped away taking photos of potential landscapes. 

Take a deep breath
ad release it slowly.


  1. Beautiful place... I do often pine for the ocean. Its been continually treacherous in the driveway lately, solid ice. I've left my ice cleats on for the season - they live on a pair of boots and I just slip those on EVERY time I go out to the studio or anywhere around the land here. I've been envying Pasha's built-in crampons....!

  2. I hope that someday I'll see the ocean. It would be a hard choice if I had to choose which one.

  3. I'm taking a deep breath, imagining the sound of the sea and the power and beauty that I'm looking at.

  4. What a place, I could almost feel the wind on my face.

  5. V - I love that...'Pasha's built-in crampons'!

    C - I'd pick a warm one right now!

    P - Oh, yes, that sound!

    S - Isn't it amazing.

    A - That wind got into everything.


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