Monday, 23 January 2012

Tracking Transitions

Water on sand from Friday's post
presented a challenge that I decided to try out.
how to stitch it.
Really doesn't look like water
more like a contour map.

But that lead me to think about transitioning from one stitch to another
and decided to try from blanket stitch to straight stitch.
One way

and then another.
More work needed.

The rows of daily scratchings are lining up one after the other.

Snowshoe hares have been laying tracks behind the pond.

and because I've seen one wandering around
I reckon this must be muskrat tracks.
They dig homes into the side of the pond. 

Human and rusty pup prints crossing the stream
which is frozen over
and yet I still seen the heron visiting this spot.


  1. i've been looking at all these stitch marks, too. sunday's favorites: little tiny mouse or vole tracks. like a miniature zipper. the stitching is working.

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing those animal tracks in your stitching. I think it'll be great.

  3. Your beach scene in stitches is pretty darned impressive.

    I'm getting pretty good at identifying critter tracks. We don't get a big variety of visitors, but still I try to identify who visited.

  4. I love seeing how you translate the marks of the tide into drawing and stitch. xxoo, sus

  5. Lots of comments on this one. First, Silly bird!, why does he not fly south? Second, when do we get a peek at the WHOLE piece of sample stitchings? Third, I think the sand and water will be no problem once you are actually stitching it. Just little pen lines are hard to manage but I can see water and sand! Maybe I just WANT to!! Anyway, great post as always. Oh, and before I leave you, we have a huge , VERY well trimmed Euonymus now at our back door, courtesy of one hungry deer but no tracks to photograph as the snow is gone now:-(

  6. Its so interesting how so much that I've missed in times without snow is now revealed.

  7. I see the ocean in the bottom sketch. The slant changes? Makes me think...

  8. How interesting, I am stitching some water right now, a gift for a friend so I can not post pictures.
    My approach is completely different, but I like yours and will try to stitch it.


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