Thursday, 19 January 2012


There is a strange rhythm to this particular winter
yesterday was above zero again
Not a day to stay inside, 
with a packed lunch in hand
we drove to the beach
heads bobbing
as we grooved to the rhythm of songs from our youth

Row upon row of windswept waves
marched towards the shore.
Boy was it windy.

We walked smooth windblown sand.

Then turning the other way we walked a moonscape
marked by rhythmic tides
Some unpredictable and chaotic

others most organized
even regimental perhaps

Row upon row like a military tattoo.

These two have rhythms all of their own
wagging tails from the joy of life
panting breath
anticipating the next flight of a tennis ball.


  1. You speak of above zero like it is warm! HA! For me, if it is above 35, then it is safe to go out. Sigh.....

  2. magnificent textures and designs. great captures.

  3. I was raised on lower Lake Michigan. I saw those tracks in the sand many times, but in my youth never really noticed their beauty.

    There is a lot to be said for Rhythm. Most of the time you don't even see or feel it, but its always there.

  4. Fabulous ripple marks, Penny! Those pics are great! What a grand, invigorating place to walk! Nice potential for stitching there! Very cool

  5. Don't you love the way sand kind of shiboris itself?!

  6. I love Connie's comment, because the ocean really does create beautiful designs on the sand. I have always wanted to visit your area, so far from the west coast. It has a magical draw. It is 20F this morning with sleet. There is 8 inches on the ground with more to come. Except for an odd snow storm in November, it has been the warmest winter in 25 years. Perhaps the earth shifted and spring will now come in May? Wishing you a beautiful day.

  7. It sounds like a wonderful day!

  8. oh how i LOVE the northern atlantic shores! beautiful beautiful!!! and happy people and dogs!

  9. Gosh, Penny, thanks so much for including us in this beautiful walk along the ocean. I am struck by the way the sand patterns remind me of your stitching. xxoo, sus

  10. Your beach photos are wonderful!
    Thank you for sharing them!


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