Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Birds of a Feather

Amid the snowflakes.
And to my amazement the heron is still here.
He blends in so well against the woods that sometimes we don't see.

A bit of whimsy
Just because I love eagles
I have a little friend to sit among my cloth.
Squeeze tummy and he cries out just like the real thing!


  1. Your cardinal is lovely.
    Everyone needs a studio companion.
    Mine is a long legged leopard that sits on the shelf above my computer. My grandson gave him to me when he was just little. He is still wearing some of the stickers that Corey added to enhance his image. I will cherish always.

  2. Your little eagle reminds me of the mascot my little group always had on the quilt when we were hand quilting. In my sewing studio my little buffalo (bison) keeps me company along with the flamingo and moose.
    I wonder what the heron is eating.

  3. The sketching is going well, too. Altogether a good start to the year..

  4. I love that goofy eagle - a reminder not to take ourselves too seriously, I think! Still waiting for snow here.... Your bird drawings are wonderful.

    (and I just had to add that my word verification word is
    "desselda", think it must be some old, magical name....

  5. I watched the eagles on my walk this weekend. There were the Balds and one Golden. I have been known to hike along the river's edge to get a photo of the herons. Seeing their silhouette and finding that what I thought was a heron is a piece of trunk. LOL!! I always laugh and remember to enjoy the walk. Your cardinal is beautiful.

  6. What fun to scroll down past the pretty cardinal to find such a sweet eagle face looking at me. He is just radiating personality and is a perfect studio mascot. My studio houses a dragon that oversees everything from atop the bookshelf.

  7. Well I never....so many studio mascots!

  8. Oh I relate to having a studio friend! I have a reindeer, a bird named 'Chirp', and a chicken. And I like your black and white patterning and how the cardinal is puffed up against the cold.

  9. I have just spent a very pleasant 30 minutes enjoying your beautiful work! Also your photos are wonderful! Your stitching style is one I can relate to SO well. Love love love it. Thank you for being just who you are.


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