Saturday, 22 October 2011

A Puppy Creation

As I rummaged around for materials to take to India's dye class
I stumbled upon an old skein of beautiful wool
that had been changed into a very messy bird's nest
by a certain rusty pup two years ago.

I won't name any names....
but she knows who she is!

Because I'm feeling a bit brain dead after my trip
I sat down
and two hours later 
that skein now looks like this.

What next?

I'm one of those people who really doesn't knit
but finds wools so seductive
that I buy them 
not knowing what the heck to do with them!


  1. ...such beautiful yarn!

    ...maybe a crochet "hyperbolic" scarf?

    Quick and easy :-)

  2. You are stash building until you are ready, that's all! :) Of course, if you have enough for a blanket, maybe it is time to get to work. Cowls and scarves are really great first projects. And fingerless mitts are good practice for socks...and that is beautiful yarn.

  3. oh yes, the yarn is beautiful and it's just waiting for you to decide it's time to knit or crochet or 'knook' which is the latest thing out--you use a strange looking crochet hook which turns out looking like knitting.

  4. Want to work on my box of embroidery floss? Some of it is in a real huge mess. I untangle a little at a time.

  5. I went to a massive fiber show yesterday -- filled with yarns in every texture, color combination, etc. I don't knit either but I did find fibers that I couldn't resist. Some of the huge hanks were so lovely I wanted to buy them, bring them home and hang them on the wall.

  6. i love the colors in these 2, and i know exactly how i would use a crocheted addition to a wallie [wall art[

    buts that's me.

  7. Much easier to add them to some felting

  8. Penny- the rusty pup looks to lovable...but that little mouse has something to hide for sure!
    I love those colors and I laughed out loud because I too have a whole tub of yarns and I neither knit, crochet or knook! In my defense, I used them with children and in making medicine bag weavings in the past. I just love the feel of them!

  9. I so wish I were going to be with you all. Have a great time at this!
    xo b.

  10. Have a wonderful week with India Flint. You lucky duck.

  11. I don't think you're the only one who buys things without having a use for them. You'll think of something!


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