Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Thinking Cool

Cool shirt found at Frenchy's all ready to rip apart and stitch on.

This must be how pelicans cool down.
 Actually we met him in Florida one Christmas.
so he was probably trying to warm up.
And so were we

This haughty looking seagull keeps cool in my studio
alongside feathers from the real thing.

A tree in the highlands of Scotland
kept cooler than cool by father wind.

What's cool about this small piece of the gardens of Montacute house?
To me it is the contrast.
Contrast between a perfectly trimmed giant hedge
and the untamed raggedness of a mighty tree. 

The rusty pups are outside barking at 
a thunderstorm cell stalled above us
trying to cool things down.
Actually we're not that hot here
but boy is it hot elsewhere.


  1. This has been the hottest summer on record for us -- and I have certainly felt it. I'm searching for 'cool' every day!

  2. Love the pelican aerating his/her vocal chords!

    Not hot here at all - refreshing breeze and 80's. Glorious sunshine... but I DID get a pang of longing when I saw your photos of the sea. Gotta get there soon or summer will be gone!

  3. We are steamin in Northern Indiana!
    I think I like the raggity natural tree better than the well manicured hedge.

    Nice Pics

  4. Looking forward to seeing what that shirt will become

  5. PS - you must stop putting great books on your sidebar. That's two I've had to buy now ;-)

  6. hihi, I like you bookshelf...but if I don't want to be broke It stays at looking

    here (the netherlands) so bad wheater it seems fall has started.

    love to the rusties

  7. Penny & Carol....Keep cool...I put that post up thinking of what you're going through!

    Valerianna...Yes, like you I love my woods but the sea...ah the sea!

    Karen...I'm laughing. I'm a bookaholic and it gets worse with age!

  8. I wonder what the shirt looks like?

    What if you didn't rip it apart, but stitched it together?


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