Friday, 5 August 2011

Shoe Tree

Ever seen a shoe tree?
Carving animal totems into dead trees is something you will see in these parts.
I can understand that.
But I used to pass this on the road to Haliburton back in Ontario.
I don't see any self respecting critter moving in.


  1. That is a very strange sight!

  2. I can think of better things to do with old shoes! Perhaps stitch on them...ha.

  3. Bit strange... but interesting. My copy of 'Language of the Goddess' came today, sourced from your sidebar. What a fascinating read that's going to be!

  4. perhaps votive offerings to the god of feet!

  5. Very strange! Here in the southern states we have 'bottle trees' - perhaps they have them other places, but this is where I first encountered them. Dozens of glass bottles hung on a tree (or a handmade tree) in the yard. They catch the light and are really quite lovely.

  6. here people throw a pair of tied shoes up on the telephone wires, they just hang there over the streets here & you said, "Strange. why?"

  7. I always heard the shoes over phone wires was a claim of territory by a particular gang.
    What gave me a chuckle was how nice & neat they are there in pairs! lol

  8. much to inspire in that book.

    Jude..Strange eh!

    Kat...If I thought it would help my poor old feet, I'd hang a pair of shoes up there!

    Penny ...Bottle trees! Wine or beer bottles?

    Cindy & Nancy... hanging overhead like flags to the wind!

    Don't you love the pair of gree wellies.

  9. I live in Colorado, and there is a shoe tree near my old neighborhood. I thought it was started as a play on words for the shoe tree that you would keep in your closet. When my kids were very young, they were thrilled when they wore out a pair of shoes and we went to the shoe tree to nail them up!

  10. Oh, yes, Karen, I can just imagine a child's delight at contributing to a shoe tree.

  11. Here in central Texas, we have a "boot" fence--Old boots turned upside down over the fence posts. We also have bottle trees.

  12. Saraz...I'd love to see a boot fence! Wonder what else people do with a worn out pair of shoes!


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