Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Feathered Youngsters

Young noisy blue jays are everywhere
and as usual we have one bald youngster.
Not to worry, his feathers will come soon.

A speckled young robin learning to hunt for worms.
The speckles will grow out and his breast will turn orange.
Actually he looks a bit bald too.

The cardinals bring their youngsters to the feeder every day.
These youngsters have the most changing to do.
They have to fill up with red and orange.
even their beaks turn a brilliant yellow orange.

Been drawing blue jay feathers for Jude.

Soon to be in the mail.


  1. What a gorgeous, vivid blue! Lovely!

  2. Beautiful blue jay feathers. I miss not seeing them, but I don't miss their squawk. I find it amazing how birds change color as they mature. Have a wonderful week.

  3. people all over the world are drawing feathers. doesn't that make you feel good...your feathers are gorgeous.

  4. superb blue jay feathers - laughing, we have a bird called the superb lyre bird, not blue tho. maybe i'll find time to stitch a lyre bird feather.

  5. Rachel and Jeannie.., You are right beautiful blues but very noisy!
    Deanne..I'd love to be Jude's mail box!
    Kaite...ph, yes I remember David Attenborough showing us the amazing lyre bird with all the calls and noises it imitates.

  6. i wonder how Jude's mailman feels about all this.

  7. Beautiful! I'm seeing lots of feathers (crows and seagulls) on the ground right now...wondering if it's the season or just coincidence.

  8. What serendipity, I found a large blue jay feather on our front walk today and brought it in to admire. Such a thing of beauty.

  9. Wonderful feathers, such vivid colours. :o)

  10. these are so beautiful. what wondrous gifts. love how you caught the life in them. your sketches are great too.


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