Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Grasses Swaying in Summer Breezes

The grasses on the dike are as high as an elephant's eye...
well over 6ft.
And tall enough for rusty pups to disappear in and ambush
any unsuspecting human who might walk by.

Stitched fall grasses from around the pond.
I've stitched summer grasses too.
Couldn't find them to photograph.
Just remember they're wandering around galleries in Ontario at the moment!

Because we live in a watery place
marshland grasses grow on the edges of
Handy Hubby's manicured lawn.
This one's called porcupine sedge....very prickly.

Grasses like this spikerush grow around the pond.

At the moment a halo of white flowers is working
it's way up their heads.


  1. The Fall Grasses piece is very evocative - well done.

    I'm sure the ambushes add to the fun of all concerned...

  2. LOVE the way you stitched those fall grasses. I especially loved seeing the pond grass photos. We used to live on nine acres and had a creek going through the property. We had lots of lovely grasses growing around the water. Thanks for coming by for a visit at my place today!

    ;-) Debi

    PS: I took this summer off from school. I needed to get some medical matters taken care of this summer.

  3. Your stitched fall grasses fit in beautifully with the 'real' summer grasses. Lovely pictures (and lovely stitching as always).

  4. beautiful pictures and those stitched grasses are stunning.

  5. Beautiful grasses, the living and the stitched, i love grasses they are so interesting. thankyou, k.

  6. I love your stitch interpretations!


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