Thursday, 17 February 2011

Rusty Gate Stitching

Stitching the rusty gate occupies my daylight hours through these blustery cold days.
It is about 5ft wide and 3ft deep and will take many more days!
I stitch until I'm hardly aware of what I'm doing.
Every now and then I measure and lay masking tape down yo make sure I haven't drifted too far from the horizontal.
When friends drop by for a cup of tea I chat away with them but the stitching carries on!
Hope they don't mind.
The stitches work their way around the rusted shapes.
I hadn't planned to do any stitching on those shapes but I might be changing my mind about that.
We shall see.
My first deviation from the straight and narrow is a circle or perhaps a moon shining through.
I think I am now on the last section of straight.
Then decisions will have to be made on how to handle the more curved negative spaces.

The rusty pups contribution to my rusty piece is snow clogged paws or frozen muzzles on my precious cloth when they come in from snow play.
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  1. Penny, Are you just stitching on a single layer of cloth? The ladder stitching is very effective and I'm getting the urge to make one of my own in this style. I expect that it's a very meditative process, similar to a "flow" type of state.

  2. Oh such a teaser! I can imagine the patterns growing....

  3. Winter - a perfect time to surround yourself with hundreds of stitches - and I can only imagine how wonderful this is going to be when you unveil the whole thing.

  4. oh it is looking beautiful. will it be a bed cover? does it have a backing?

  5. WOW! is that striking and desirable!!!!!!! The colour variations in the thread too are well done. Are they hand dyed?
    Did you have any problems needling through or near the rust areas?

    I'm in awe of this one.

  6. It looks beautiful. I love the circle deviation, wonderful shift in pattern. The pups look like they're having fun -
    nothing like dog-joy!

  7. Amazing project, Penny! Can't wait to see it altogether...

  8. wow, penny! this just keeps getting more and more beautiful! i can hardly wait to see more of it!

  9. that's a magnificent work, every stitch is a little moment of now, and i hope you also have a glass of wine when you come up for air.
    just love those pups, never seen anyone enjoy snow like they do.

  10. This is divine, Penny! I love how the folds in the first photo echo the stitch. Fabulous texture!

  11. This is so inspiring, my fingers started hitching for the need of stitching!

  12. You know, I really take close-ups because I reckon they look better than the whole!
    So much fingers are getting calluses from all the pin pricks!

  13. Penny, this is looking very beautiful. You are so focused to continue working on it for the whole week. It just keeps getting better.

  14. Oh my. oh my........
    how did you get the rust
    images? sorry if you've explained
    the stitching pattern is incredible!
    i shall delightfully return for updates...

  15. love your work. l am just experimenting with rust dyeing but small pieces but looking for bigger bits to dye with. my problem l live in garden!xxlynda


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