Saturday, 8 January 2011

Walking with the Eagle

As we walked up the quarry road yesterday
a bald eagle circled above us
watching our every move....
Perhaps he was estimating the weight of my rusty feet warmers!
Perhaps he spied smaller critters the rusty pups were disturbing
or even the coyote who walked in front of us further down the road.

Way too beautiful to eat!

A walk I will remember for a long time....
Encounters with the eagle are
awe inspiring moments for me.
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  1. I've only seen an eagle once. They aren't prevalent here. But I feel the same awesome elation when Hawk makes his appearance, which is pretty often for me.

  2. Your spirit bird was just watching to make sure you didn't get into any trouble and to lead you along the right path. The pups were safe! The sight of eagles and hawks inspire me as well. They give off such a strong and almost mystical vibe. Sightings touch me with awe!

  3. Once, a few years ago, I had to cut down a huge, old oak that was split in the center and starting to hang over the roof. I did a song prayer to the spirit of the tree that had been my neighbor for so many years. My friend who was going to cut the tree also did a prayer. When we were done I turned to walk away and he started climbing the tree... I saw huge wing shadows on the ground in front of me. I turned around to see an enormous bald eagle swooping down almost to the top of the oak. Eagles are common around here, but here in the forest I only see them way, way up as little white headed dots in soaring high in the sky above. Down by the river, they are seen much more. It felt like a blessing, like the eagle had come to take the spirit of the tree away with her....

    Strange, now, as I write this comment, a radio commentator is reporting on how many bald eagles we now have in this area... they have come back in full force here. Yay!

  4. While visiting my daughter this past summer in the BC interior, I had at least three separate encounters watching an eagle. My daughter has chickens and they have to be vigilant. So far, they haven't come in contact.

  5. that would have been a very intense time, how big are they? what's their wingspan?
    and how big is the little piece on the 1st pic, is it an FPC size? k.

  6. Definately an awesome lucky you are!

    We have wedge tailed eagles here in Australia and we are lucky enough to have a family of about 6 visit us each season. Amazing creatures to behold, quite a spiritual experience.
    Tell those rusty feetwarmers of yours to keep their wits about them out walking!

    Jacky xox

  7. Hi there Penny! I can relate to your eagle experience. There is something quite magical and almost eerie about the intensity of their observation. Superb, beautiful dogs-they look so well-loved. Gilly

  8. No eagles in this area either - darn it. We often see vultures and there's lots of hawks around (which explains why we never get any songbirds at our feeder). I really like your eagle stitching - it's very crazy quilt-ish, which is right up my alley.

  9. ideed a walk to remember..I enlargd your sorycloth and it's so so stunning.
    Thanks for your sweet encouraging words


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